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Develop partnerships with academia and industry to undertake research, to offer faculty development programmes, and to jointly develop, promote, deliver, and certify new academic programmes.

The NEP 2020 and UGC’s recent regulations on twinning, joint degree, and dual degrees provide unprecedented opportunities for Indian and international universities to collaborate and offer innovative programmes.


Additionally, the emphasis employability by students and parents, and on job-ready graduates by employers has promoted collaboration with the industry to bring industry grade equipment, projects, and knowledge to the classroom.


Paradigm works with both Indian and international universities for representation in partner search, reach out, and negotiations; with the goal to co-create, co-promote, co-deliver, and co-certify programmes.

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Industry-academia collaboration to jointly create, promote, deliver, and certify programmes

partnership 2.png

Industry-academia alliances in research and programme delivery

jv 2.png

JV in greenfield and brownfield areas

experience 2.png

Collaborations to enhance student experience and outcomes

research 2.png

Research and innovation centres

distance-education 2.png

International opportunities to enhance student experience

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