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Market Research


Bespoke research to validate viability of new products with potential students. Competitive intelligence through insights from students, applicants, parents, employers, alumni, regulators, and competition.

Traditionally, the primary objective of market research was for an HEI to discover its target market and get feedback from potential students about its academic programmes and other offerings. Market research were timebound projects covering predefined market segment and geography. These projects lacked flexibility and research outcomes were largely available at the very end of the project.


In today’s VUCA world – and with availability of digital tools – the role of market research has evolved into a mechanism to continuously engage with stakeholders. The digital tools provide research insights in real-time as well as the flexibility to deep dive into any insights of interest.


We offer complete suite of predefined market research projects to engage and to collect feedback throughout the entire student lifecycle. Additionally, we offer bespoke market research and field surveys to meet any specific needs of our clients.

data-analysis 2.png

Enrolment data analysis and insights

website 2.png

Website visitors’ data analysis and insights

survey 2.png

Product validation surveys

branding 2.png

Brand positioning analysis vis-à-vis competition

gap-analysis 2.png

Industry gap assessment and programme designing

consumer-research 2.png

Bespoke survey of potential students, applicants, parents, employers, and alumni

rejectors 2.png

Conversion failure survey and new students survey

NPS 2.png

Net promoter score (NPS)

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