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Strategic Planning


Assisting institutions define their future direction, set clear goals, and develop actionable plans to achieve them. Build thoughtful analysis, collaboration, and a deep understanding of the higher education landscape.

Innovation runs in our blood, and we have proven credentials of launching new universities, new colleges, new research centres, and hundreds of new academic programmes that increased access to quality education all over the country. Our feasibility analysis offering involves not only conducting thorough due diligence of new business plans but also preparing strategic roadmaps to exploit new opportunities to the achieve desired outcomes.

For greenfield university projects, our team specialises in preparing the detailed project report (DPR) and financial models as per the guidelines for establishment of private university issued by various state governments. Our team provides complete support through the due diligence process of the DPR and have received letter of intent from multiple state governments.

We support our clients in preparing Capital Investment Proposals (CIP), where every large and small capital investment is treated as a standalone business case and evaluated on its merits. CIPs are supported with scenario analysis and dashboards to monitor performance so our clients can take investment decisions with confidence.

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