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Business Consultation

Case Study

Creating New Management Services Business for AIMA


With Govt.’s liberalization policy, new Business schools were coming up in large numbers across India in mid nineties. An Opportunity was noticed to support these emerging Business Schools through set of innovative Management Services.

Major Interventions

  1. Created a new centre under AIMA, Center for Management Services to focus on this opportunity.

  2. The innovative management services launched included Student Admission and Corporate Recruitment Tests, Marketing and Promotion Services, Material Resource Services, Accreditation of Business Schools and Management Teachers etc.

  3. Created over 100 test centres across India to support the testing services


  1. Establishment of MAT (Management Aptitude Test) of AIMA catered to the needs of newly emerging business schools as at the time CAT was a closed group. At peak, the MAT saw total registrations of 200,000 test takers in 1999.

  2. The Revenues of this Division was touching about INR 10 Crores in 1999.

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