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Business Consultation

Case Study

Developing AR/VR Imaginarium for CV Raman College of Engineering


CV Raman College of Engineering Odissa wanted to establish a Center of Excellence in AR/VR.

Major Interventions

  1. Ideated the plan of creating an ‘Imaginarium’ to serve as AR/VR Center of Excellence.

  2. Created procurement plans for Hardware/Software tools that were required to set up such a unique AR/VR studio within the campus.

  3. Provided entire project management and oversight while installation of equipment on the location earmarked for.


  1. A very nice Center of Excellence branded as “Imaginarium” was developed.

  2. A research community around Virtual and Augmented Reality was developed within the academic team.

  3. BCA programmes with specialisation in AR/VR were recommended.

  4. Brought in several industry experts to review the students’ projects under this category.

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