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Business Consultation

Case Study

Creating EIT programmes for Laureate universities


Laureate International Network University wanted to expand product portfolio of UPES in EIT segment with high quality and employability potential programs in the geographies where it was of importance.

Major Interventions

  1. Developed and launched EIT programmes at various locations.

  2. Defined the plan to develop and implement Tech Voc programmes in EIT sector.

  3. Developed plans for Student Acquisition, Industry Connects for the various universities.

  4. Specified lab equipments and their possible sourcing from India.


  1. At UVM, Mexico, established Petroleum Engineering programmes at three of their campuses with first batch students recruited. Also, got a pilot program for Technical, Vocational Education started at Veracruz campus.

  2. At INTI, Malaysia, developed programs in offshore structures and pipeline engineering within their civil and mechanical engineering departments.

  3. At European University, Cyrpus, developed the outlines for programmes in Renewable Energy

  4. At Istanbul Bilgi University, Turkey, helped define curriculum in Natural Gas engineering and helped them conduct a large international conference in Energy.

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