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Business Consultation

Case Study

Creating Marquee Entrepreneurial Ecosystem for JIMS


JIMS Group of Institutions, as an independent diversification, wanted to create a marquee entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Major Interventions

  1. Ideation on various lines of business that could be operated under a separate entity encompassing entrepreneurial activities.

  2. Planning exercise for development of comprehensive Business Plan covering various LOB, projected expenses and revenues under each, co-branding opportunities, etc.

  3. Interventions in the curriculum structure and framework for entrepreneurship and innovation programme.

  4. Ideation on naming and branding.


  1. Developed a comprehensive business plan including Co-working Spaces, Makerspaces, Incubation Center, Accelerator Program, and Entrepreneurship School.

  2. Helped in naming branding the entity as U-Incept , under which many promising startups have been incubated over the past two and half years.

  3. Taking cues from our curriculum development report, many programmes have been planned to launch in association with various institutions within the JIMS group.

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