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Business Consultation

Case Study

Establishing Indian School of Petroleum & Energy (ISPe)


With liberalisation of Oil & Gas and Power Sectors, we identified an opportunity to create an institution for training, competency building, and consulting and advisory services to enable various organisations to achieve technical and business excellence.

Major Interventions

  1. Created the blueprint of the Petroleum and Energy Training Institute

  2. Established a panel more than 100 experts, with over 2000 man years of experience across diverse areas that provide a strong knowledge backbone to the school.

  3. Developed Certification programs in Energy Sector such Certified Petroleum Manager, Certified Power Manager, etc.

  4. Developed models for manpower leasing to fulfil short term requirements of Oil & Gas and Power sector.


  1. Built the country’s first energy sector continuing education, training, consulting and
    process outsourcing institution, the India School of Petroleum and Energy

  2. Consulting: in strategic planning and oil economics (Business Size: 0.5 Million USD)

  3. Knowledge Process Outsourcing (Business Size: 1.0 Million USD)

  4. Executive Education (Business Size: 0.25 Million USD)

  5. In company Training (Business Size: 0.50 Million USD)

  6. ISPe became member of Laureate International Universities group in 2015.

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