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Business Consultation

Case Study

Establishing UTM, New Age University in the North East


North Eastern part of India has a major absence of quality education providers. The promoters and the government of Meghalaya wanted to establish a University which can cater to the needs of NE students thereby alleviate the NE students’ migration to other parts of the country for quality education.

Major Interventions

  1. Carried out broad Market Research in North Eastern region to find out the kind of programs that are liked by local population and has employability possibilities in the region.

  2. Created Detailed Project Report to University of Technology and Management (UTM) to get enacted by State Legislative Assembly Meghalaya in 2011.

  3. Designed nearly 10 new academic programs catering to hospitality, travel, tourism, retail, management, IT, and sports management.

  4. Established a dedicated campus in record time and created standard and procedures in Student Acquisition, Faculty Recruiting, and Establishment of Career Services.


  1. A new age University came up in Shillong 2012 with contemporary programs offerings with employability potential.

  2. Enrolment grew to 600 students in 2015.

  3. UTM became a part of MIT Pune Group of Institutions in 2016.

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