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Business Consultation

Case Study

Designing New Age Portfolio for BML Munjal University


BML Munjal University, a premier corporate university in NCR Delhi as part of their diversification, wanted to review their program portfolio and design new age programs.

Major Interventions

  1. Carried out the review of existing Program Portfolio of the University.

  2. Ideated on new age programs keeping in mind the innovation and uniqueness.

  3. Carried out an industry demand assessment as well as identified various international opportunities to enhance student experience.

  4. Advised on augmentation of Infrastructure Facilities to optimize the academic and non academic usage of their program.

  5. Suggested on how in these programmes MOOCs can be embedded in each school/faculty.


  1. A detailed program portfolio consisting of new age programs across engineering, management and design were suggested by regrouping and branding a set of programs for focus and differentiation.

  2. The detailed revenue model with recommendation of fee points, based on the new programme portfolio and staged growth in student numbers helped the university management to take an informed decision on their student intake and other strategy on the overall growth of the campus.

  3. Financial Model with cash flow statement for 10 years’ operating expenses and capital expenditure models provided to complement the above revenue model including endowment, fee concession, etc as mandated by regulatory bodies and provides a 10 year cash flow statement.

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