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Case Study

Analysing State of HE in Uttarakhand and Identifying Improvement Areas


Analysis of current state of higher education in Uttarakhand and identification of areas for improvement along various quality dimensions of higher education with regard to resources available to the state.

Major Interventions

  1. Developed a plan for assessing the quality of existing and recommendation for recruitment of new faculty.

  2. Various Institutions of higher learning were audited using a methodology developed by us and evaluated on the basis of existing teaching methodology.

  3. The academic courses offered across different disciplines in the higher education sector were reviewed based on the current needs of the industry.

  4. Reviewed the industry academia connect in the state and participation of the local industry.

  5. The research ecosystem of the institutions of higher learning were evaluated.

  6. Evaluated the need of establishing institutions of national eminence in the state.

  7. Reviewed the possibility of Public Private Participation in the state.


  1. Recommendation led to a new methodology for assessing current faculty and recruiting new faculty based on scientific HR principles

  2. Framework based around NAAC methodology was suggested for annual academic audits of the institutions.

  3. A set of programs based on the needs of the industry specially in the sector of energy, infrastructure and transportation were recommended.

  4. An action agenda was formulated for participation of local industry through industry associations with the local institutions.

  5. Appropriate research infrastructure development mechanism through public and private grant was recommended.

  6. Based on our recommendations, a central university and an IIM was established in the state.

  7. Based on private public participation, 8 new state private universities were established.

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