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Operational Efficiency


Assisting institutions streamline processes, reduce costs, and maximise resource utilisation. Navigate today's dynamic landscape where institutions face budgetary constraints, rising competition, and the need to adapt to rapidly evolving technologies.

When HEIs set out to build operations, their focus remains on timely delivery of classes and the critical aspect of back-office structures that is needed to run a complex organisation is clearly overlooked. By failing to modernise and streamline administrative functions (including HR, finance, and facilities), HEIs put themselves at a serious disadvantage, with a direct effect on an institution’s reputation and growth. Financial mismanagement, ineffective or unfair HR practices, and grants lost because of poor research administration can all lead to stagnant growth, loss of reputation, decline in enrolments, or worse.


Paradigm supports the notion that HEI operations must be built from ground up for each function, such as:

  • Academic delivery

  • Financial management

  • Travel management

  • HR policies and practices

  • Talent acquisition and retention

  • Research administration

  • Procurement and asset management


Paradigm follows a fast, structured process that involves all stakeholders in designing the solutions for their respective function, defines clear accountability, and leads everyone to achieve HEI’s mission. Our clients effectively manage, control, and supervise academic delivery, extracurricular services, people, and physical resources.

hierarchical-structure 2.png

Designing department hierarchy and workflow

quality-thumbs-up 2.png

Quality benchmarks and audits

infrastructure-masterplan 2.png

Infrastructure masterplan

investing 2.png

Capital investment plans (CIP)

recruitment 2.png

Recruitment and retention

outsourcing 2.png

Outsourcing facilities and services

debate 2.png

Structuring of non-academic functions

performance 2.png

Dashboards and performance monitoring

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