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Assisting institutions leverage technology to improve their operations, enhance the learning experience, and achieve their strategic goals. Build expertise in various technologies and their potential applications within the unique context of higher ed.

Digital transformation is not limited to migrating physical records to a computer or adopting technologies to perform business operations more efficiently. Digital transformation is student-centred endeavour that entails a series of coordinated culture, workforce, and technology shifts that enable new educational and operating models and transform an institution’s business model, strategic directions, and value proposition.


Paradigm employs a systematic step-by-step approach to support digital transformation objectives of our client institutions:


Step 1: Digitise information

Step 2: Organise information

Step 3: Automate processes

Step 4: Streamline processes

Step 5: Transform the institution


The work that we have done with our client covers the entire gamut of institutional processes and have delivered results in the areas of student performance tracking, improved outcomes with data analytics and predictive modelling, collaborative learning, future-focused curriculums, higher enrolment using the same physical infrastructure on campus, and cost-saving.

blueprint 2.png

Creating digital transformation blueprint

analytics 2.png

Data analytics and predictive modelling

cyber-security 2.png

Setting up IT infrastructure and automation interventions such as Integrated ERP and LMS

process 2.png

Automated process flow

online-learning 2.png

Creating and implementing MOOCs

hbo-online-lesson 2.png

Creating and implementing Hybrid, Blended and Online (HBO) strategy

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