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Build practical business models for technology disruptors in the higher education industry with an objective to work together with the traditional players and regulatory bodies.

EdTech is one of the hottest areas start-ups are focusing on as they see the most potential in this field to bring disruptive change in the conventional way of things.


While the last 3 years witnessed a flurry of EdTech start-ups, undoubtedly accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, recently EdTech start-ups are in the news for all the wrong reasons such as funding crunch, mounting losses without any strategy to turn positive, massive lay-offs, and even complete shutdown of businesses.


Paradigm believes the reasons for this debacle is twofold. Firstly, EdTech’s focus on cash flows, not on building a value proposition. Secondly, focussing on disruptions which disregards the conventional model.


While on the technology front, most start-ups are well versed, it is the business side of the start-ups where our three decades of higher education expertise comes in. We mentor EdTech companies to work hand in hand with HEIs to build products that focuses on value addition rather than replacement.

product-management 2.png

Product-market fit and feasibility analysis

review 2.png

Marketing, finance, and legal review

market-trends 2.png

Market analysis

platform 2.png

Build platform and product for sale

go-to-market 2.png

Go-to-market strategies

trust 2.png

Mentoring and customer connect

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